Over the past 6 years has realized that to make a difference and effectively help business and economy growth in South Africa, organizations need to align government compliance with business needs.

How? By aligning Business growth and needs to BBBEE codes of good practice of 2013 to generate better and bigger business opportunities and use it to your benefit. And by aligning your business growth and expansion to Skills Development as your employees need the skills to be effective in their roles as well as to be able to handle the growth of your organization. All the while both compliance aspects have rewards. Training Made Simple effectively strategizes and implements both these aspects to help businesses grow and also help them claim these rewards.

B-BBEE ESD Partnering Support

GBDx3 B-BBEE Partnering Support consists of assisting clients to look at strategic restructuring from an Enterprise and Supplier Development Perspective.

This service includes conducting a business development assessment, setting up of an organisational growth and development plan, and setting up the organisation for developmental purposes through Enterprise and Supplier Development Contributions.

Clients will also be registered on our development beneficiary database with one of our partners.

B-BBEE Compiling and Verification Support:

GBDx3 assists its clients in compiling the necessary data required to undergo verification, we also help prepare our clients in understanding what to expect when a verification commences.

Being the liaison between the verification and the company, inserting of notes to help the verification agency understand your business and your efforts that are aligned towards your transformation goals.

Supply chain assessment

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  • In a Supply ChainOpportunity Assessment, a company’s current state of supply chain strategy, planning, technology, and processes is defined and evaluated against best practices in each key supply chain

Business ecosystems (Supply Chain Ecosystems)

The network of organizations – including suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies and so on – involved in the delivery of a specific product or service through both competition and cooperation.